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Hi-Mac Program

(feeds both Highland Baseball and Highland Softball)

  • Hi-Mac PreK

  • Hi-Mac Minors (Kinder)

  • Hi-Mac Major (1st)


PLUS Baseball

  • a voluntary program that allows players in 4th- 7th grade to play more baseball against other associations.

  • players play in our Highland In-House League with one team, and play in weekend tournaments with a separate PLUS team.

  • Teams formed at fall evals.

Inhouse Baseball

Inhouse Program (2nd- 7th graders)

  • Rookie (2nd- 3rd graders)

  • A Level (4th graders)

  • AA Level (5th graders)

  • AAA (6th graders)

  • AL (7th & 8th graders)

Travel Baseball

  • players player participate in a full travel schedule that involves home and away league games in the Metro Baseball League (MBL), as well as weekend tournaments, on the same team. 

  • The option to travel is given to the highest level team at 12U (typically AAA), and at the 13U, 14U and 15U level.

  • Teams that elect to travel do not play in the Highland In-House League.

  • Teams formed at fall evals.


2021 Highland Ball Baseball Bat Rules

  • Bat Updates: There has been much debate about the bat policy.  The league is trying to make it as simple as possible while also keeping an eye on your pocket book.  Here are the rules:
    • In-House Games:  players may use any bat the meets the 2019 rules (click here for the rules page).  In addition, any in house player may use any bat that meets the MBT USA bat stamp rules published below. 
    • PLUS Games:  players must have a bat for PLUS that meets the MBT USA bat stamp rules published below. 

MBT USA bat stamp rules:  9U-14U: All bats must have the new USA stamp (unless using a -3 BBCOR bat). 15’s can use a BBCOR bat or wood bat.

9-U, 10-U, 11-U,
12-U, 13-U

Bats must be 2 1/4" with unlimited weight differential or bats 2 5/8" and have a -11 differential or less (i.e. 31 inches in length – 20.0 oz.)

14-U & 15A

Bats must be 2 5/8" with a -5 or less differential


Bats must be 2 5/8” with a -3 or less differential

2021 Highland Baseball League Commissioners:

Hi-Mac Commissioner- Mike Geifer

Rookie Commissioners- Tom Vetcher/Zack Ryan

10U Commissioner- Joe Opack

11U Commissioner- Andrew Ruediger

12U Commissioner- Sean VanGemert

13U Commissioner- Patrick Martin

14U/15U Commissioner- Drew Hodson