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Highland Ball

Fall Ball and Evaluations

Links to register for Fall Ball and Evaluations:


Wednedsay, August 3

The Really Big Game baseball extravaganza for the Highland Friendship Club's teens & adults with disabilities is returning to the fields Wednesday, August 3rd! The St. Paul Saints will be providing entertainment, sponsors & volunteers will be cooking up free hot dogs & a great group of athletes will participate in America's favorite pastime. This fantastic free sporting event begins with the first pitch at 6 p.m. at the Highland Park Little League Ford Fields in Saint Paul. 

· Save the date & come cheer for the players! Let's make them feel like they're playing in the big leagues

· Know a potential player for The Really Big Game?  Learn more about the event & Highland Friendship Club at, look under their Get Involved Special Events tab.

We're delighted to host the 10th Really Big Game. This event is the highlight of our summer. We hope you'll make it the highlight of your summer as well! Peace & blessing to you all, 

Jerry & Kathy Czech and the St. Paul Highland Friendship Club


Highland Ball T-Ball & Coach Pitch

(Co-Ed program that feeds both Highland Baseball and Highland Softball)

  • Highland Ball T-Ball (PreK)

  • Highland Ball Coach Pitch (Kinder)

Highland Ball T-Ball and Coach Pitch Program

Highland Baseball

  • Inhouse Program (1st- 9th graders)

    • D-League (1st Grader)

    • Rookie (2nd-3rd grader)

    • A Level (4th grader)

    • AA Level (5th grader)

    • AAA Level (6th grader)

    • AL Level (7th grade)

    • NL Level (8th and 9th Graders)

  • PLUS Program (4th- 7th graders)- Teams formed at fall evals.

  • Travel Program (6th- 9th graders)(6th grade AAA only)- Teams formed at fall evals. 

Fall Ball Registration

Fall Ball Registration Coming Soon!

Highland Baseball

Highland Softball

  • D-League (1st-2nd Graders)

  • Inhouse Minors Level (3rd- 4th graders) 

  • Inhouse Majors Level (5th- 8th graders) 

  • PLUS/Tournament-only (10U- ‘11 & ‘12 Birthyear) 

  • PLUS/Tournament-only (12U- ‘09 & ‘10 Birthyear) 

  • Tri-County/Travel (12U- ‘09 & ‘10 Birthyear)  Teams formed at fall evals.  

  • Tri-County/Travel  (14U- ‘07 & ‘08 Birthyear) 

  • Tri-County/Travel (16U- ‘04 & ‘05 Birthyear) 

  • When teams are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. Please do not order a Travel/Plus uniform if you are on the waiting list.

Highland Softball

Highland Ball 2022 Uniform Information and Spirit wear Stores

2022 Highland Baseball Sportswear Store

New 2022 custom designs for hoodies, training shirts, hats and others. Order before 3/25 for pick up at Highland Ball Opening Day on April 30th.

2022 Highland Baseball Uniform Information

Important details for 2022 Highland Baseball Uniforms (Inhouse, PLUS, Travel)

2022 Highland Spiritwear Store- Softball

New 2022 custom designs for hoodies, tees, jackets, hats, bag tags and more.

2022 Highland Softball Uniform Information

Important details for 2022 Highland Softball Uniforms (Inhouse, PLUS, TriCounty)

Support Our Sponsors

Highland Ball Ford Site Land Acquisition from Ryan Co

On May 7, 2020, Ryan Companies formally transferred to the former "Ford Fields" to the Friends of Highland Ball.  This includes the land on which the East and West Fields, the snack bar, and the batting cages behind the West Field are situated. Friends of Highland Ball is an entity created by Highland Ball to hold the land that will be used by the Highland Ball organization.

Norder Field, which was named in honor of Larry Norder and his family for their generosity to Highland Ball, was not part of the transfer from Ryan Companies, as that land is needed for the Montreal Avenue extension.  Before demolition, the stadium lights from Norder Field were moved to the West Field, thereby increasing the number of games played at the West Field each season  and preserving the Norder Family legacy at Highland Ball.

This momentous event is more then a decade in the making and secures the future of baseball and softball at the site for generations to come. Many volunteers worked for countless hours to make this vision a reality. Later this summer, Highland Ball will share its plans for the site and recognize the volunteers and community members who brought this dream to fruition.

Where Are The Fields?

Inhouse, Travel & PLUS Baseball, Ford Fields: Cleveland Avenue S. and W. Montreal, also Kelly Field is 300 N. Syndicate St by Dunning Rec Center.

Softball Fields, Urban Academy: 1168 W. Montreal

Highland Ball T-Ball & Coach Pitch: West of Groveland Rec Center, St. Clair and Cleveland

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Highland Ball

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