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Highland Ball

2021 Highland Ball Registration:

Highland Ball 2021 registration will run Feb 1- Feb 28. (link will be posted to this website)

Opening Day! The Highland Ball inhouse baseball and softball season will kick off the weekend of May 1st/2nd and run through the end of July. Specific game and practice dates will be assigned after registration.

While we are hoping for a full season of ball this year, Highland Ball will continue to follow Minnesota Department of Health COVID Guidelines.

Highland Ball will offer the following levels for our 2021 season:

(Levels are organized according to current grade, the 2020-2021 school year).

Hi-Mac Program

(feeds both Highland Baseball and Highland Softball)

  • Hi-Mac PreK

  • Hi-Mac Minors (Kinder)

  • Hi-Mac Major (1st)

Highland Baseball

  • Inhouse Program (2nd- 7th graders)

    • Rookie (2nd-3rd grader)

    • A Level (4th grader)

    • AA Level (5th grader)

    • AAA Level (6th grader)

    • AL Level (7th grade)

  • PLUS Program (4th- 7th graders)- Teams formed at fall evals.

  • Travel Program (6th- 9th graders)(6th grade AAA only)- Teams formed at fall evals.

Highland Softball

  • Inhouse Minors Level (2nd- 4th graders)

  • Inhouse Majors Level (5th- 8th graders)

  • PLUS/Tournament-only (10U- ‘10 & ‘11 Birthyear)

  • PLUS/Tournament-only (12U- ‘08 & ‘09 Birthyear)

  • Tri-County/Travel (12U- ‘08 & ‘09 Birthyear)  Teams formed at fall evals.  

  • Tri-County/Travel  (14U- ‘06 & ‘07 Birthyear)

  • Tri-County/Travel (16U- ‘04 & ‘05 Birthyear)



On May 7, Ryan Companies completed the transfer of the former Ford Field land on which the East and West Fields, the snack bar, and the batting cages behind the West Field are situated to the Friends of Highland Ball. Friends of Highland Ball is an entity created by Highland Ball to hold the land that will be used by the Highland Ball organization.

This momentous event is more then a decade in the making and secures the future of baseball and softball at the site for generations to come. Many volunteers worked for countless hours to make this vision a reality. Later this summer, Highland Ball will share its plans for the site and recognize the volunteers and community members who brought this dream to fruition.

Norder Field, located on the southern half of the ballpark and named in honor of the Larry Norder and family for their generosity to Highland Ball, was not part of the land transfer from Ryan Companies. The field will be demolished as part of the Montreal Avenue extension.

Please see the attached joint press release from Ryan Companies and Highland Ball for more information.

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Where Are The Fields?

Inhouse, Travel & PLUS Baseball, Ford Fields: Cleveland Avenue S. and W. Montreal
Softball Fields, Nova: 1168 W. Montreal
Hi-Mac Developmental, Groveland: West of Groveland Rec Center, St. Clair and Cleveland

Contact Us

Contact us at E-mails will be returned in 2-3 business days. If you need to reach someone with urgency, please contact a league commissioner directly.